Facilities for Lecturers

Each of the 24 lecture halls is equipped with:
  • big blackboard
  • overhead projector
  • laptop & beamer
Parallel lecturers are strongly encouraged to use the blackboard as much as possible
to optimize interaction with the audience.

Each lecture hall will have a "beamer sitter" -- recognizable by an MG11-uniform.
She will assist the presentation.
If the lecture is to be presented by powerpoint,
the .ppt-file should be brought along, preferably on a USB-stick or CD.
If it is brought on an own laptop, it will have to be transfered, which unfortunately takes more time.

The parallel lecturers should arrive half an hour before each session (i.e. at 2:00 pm)
so that all transfers are finished at 2:30 pm when the session beginns.
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