Conference Recordings
Both the FU Berlin 11 MGM plenary sessions and the Potsdam Workshop on
"Integrability in Gauge and String Theory" will be live streamed to the
internet and will be archived.

Format is RealVideo. You will need an internet connection (bandwidth DSL
or more) and a Real Player
(install BASIC version, not 14d-trial version. Usually somewhere at the bottom of
the Real-pages, under "further products") or the
Real Alternative Player. Both players are free, and available for
Windows, Linux and Apple/McIntosh.

You can test your functionalities in advance, any time.
If you can see and hear the test person, then you will be
able to see and hear the conference plenary sessions.

The live stream from the Potsdam INT06 workshop will be available
from 09 through 13h Berlin time. There will be a room in the FU Berlin
Physics building, near the conference centre, where the Potsdam stream
will be shown continuously.

The archived recordings from FU Berlin will be available right after each
July 24, 09 - 11
July 24, 11 - 13
July 25, 09 - 11
July 25, 11 - 13
July 26, 09 - 11
July 26, 11 - 13
July 27, 09 - 11
July 27, 11 - 13
July 28, 09 - 11
July 28, 11 - 13

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