There are several links where you can book a hotel in Berlin
with different price ranges.
Berlin Tourismus (BTM): German | English --- | English --- | English --- ---
Hotel Ansbach:International route to conference site
Berlin-Sofort:German ---


Berlin Tourismus (BTM):

Here you can book a selection of reasonably-priced hotels which have the most
direct public transport connection to the conference site in the Arnimallee. 12.

The cheapest rooms are found in the first hotel of this list: Aletto Jugendhotel Schönebergs
with Bed-and-Breakfast price of 23 €! /

These links offer all hotels in Berlin sortet by price,
irrespective of their connections to the conference site!

This link offers numerous hostels in Berlin at various locations
indicated on a map!

Hotel Ansbach:

At Hotel Ansbach, you can get a double-room for 20 € per bed.

Location of various hotels with respect to conference Site:

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