MG15 Proceedings

Proceedings of the Fifteenth Marcel Grossman Meeting on General Relativity
Edited by Elia Battistelli, Robert T. Jantzen, and Remo Ruffini
World Scientific, Singapore, 2022
[Open access e-book proceedings]
Published online as a open access e-text June 2022


April 1, 2020
Extended deadline announced: tentatively August 31, 2020.

May 31, 2019
The second deadline of May 31, 2019 was postponed to October 1, 2019.

March 31, 2019
The original deadline of March 31, 2019 was postponed to May 31, 2019.

December 2, 2018
Today username/pwd and brief upload instructions for submissions to the proceedings were emailed to all presenting authors after an unexpected delay related to the need to transfer the email and webserver to a new location and internet connection. All parallel session chairs were sent their login credentials to access the articles of their session. A tentative deadline of March 31, 2019 is set for receiving contributions.

July 7, 2018
It will take time to set up the robot software for submitting articles to the proceedings. By October 1, 2018, we hope to send out submission username/password login information (new!) for our proceedings server, which will not be active until at least October 1, 2018. There will then be a period extending for 6-9 months (if everyone cooperates) during which submissions can be uploaded BUT it is the responsibility of submitters to check that the submission has been processed by logging in again after submission to check the typeset PDF produced by the robot. Any problems may be addressed directly to bob jantzen.

Electronic only open access publication as an e-book

In today's scientific world, the expectation is that articles should always be available electronically and indeed this is the way most academics now access journal articles. By publishing the proceedings of MG15 as an e-book with unlimited open access, they will have much more impact than the paper proceedings of the past as well as allow color graphics and more generous contribution page limits.
Publisher website for MG14 proceedings for comparison

Author manuscript submission instructions

It is very important that manuscripts are submitted following our instructions carefully.

Author manuscript preparation instructions

Articles must be prepared with the World Scientific proceedings macros/templates for 9.75" x 6.50" trim size (second row in the table, LaTeX: for Proceedings Contributors) in LaTeX2e or with MS Word. Corrected versions of the .cls LaTeX file and of the Word template remove leading white space above the title and are available below. Do not download your macros/templates from the World Scientific website: the full zip files with instructions, example, and corrected macro/template files with an additional MG14 example file to get started with are linked here:

  1. The capitalization of the article title has been simplified---just like a normal sentence: capitalize the first word of the title and any other words that would normally be capitalized: "The Kerr black hole paradigm: a new perspective and common misconceptions". Authors should be listed in the manuscript by full name in normal word order (like "Robert T. Jantzen, Bruce M. Lee and Ted Johnson").
  2. PREFERRED method: LaTeX
    Use the LaTeX macro .cls "class" file ws-procs975x65.cls [click here to download a corrected version of the zip file]. The instruction file ws-procs975x65.tex that comes with our modified proceedings macro package is a long sample file which also describes the package and can be used as a template. Please follow this style. A brief file main.tex can be used to start an article with the necessary titlepage details that always vary from journal to journal, but the rest of the article follows standard LaTeX article style for the most part unless you require side by side figure captions or sideways tables or run into other complications, explained in the longer instruction file. Graphics figure files are included using the graphicx package.

    Note: the name of the TEX file to be LaTeXed must be "main.tex", even if you are submitting a single file, and even a single file must be zipped with the file extension .zip or .gzip to be processed by our server robot.

    WARNING: The titlepage material formatted with the commands \title \author \address is slightly nonstandard in this package, with no \maketitle command, but instead a \bodymatter command preceding the body of the article. Use "in Ref.~\refcite{...}" or "in Refs.~\refcite{... , ...}" for explicit in line references to the unformatted in-line reference number instead of the superscript \cite{...} for normal citations, which must follow punctuation. For acknowledgements use "\section*{Acknowledgements}". Use \begin{thebibliography}{00} for references. Journal names (abbreviated) should be in italics: "{\em Phys.\ Rev.} {\bf D40}, 345 (1990)."

  3. ACCEPTABLE IF LATEX NOT POSSIBLE: MS-Word .doc or .docx file
    MS Word has a .dotm template file and instructions which must be downloaded and used if for some reason the LaTeX formatting is a problem [click here to download a corrected version of the zip file]. Open this dotm file and save it as a docx file (or doc file if your Word software is older). Then edit this file appropriately to replace its contents with your article. Export to PDF. Include both documents in a zipped archive and submit to the meeting robot, which cannot automatically handle it. The file must be manually extracted and linked to your upload page.

    Numbered superscript citations to the bibliography should be used, following punctuation if present.

  4. PAGE LIMITS FOR ARTICLES. Plenary speakers and parallel session rapporteur authors may use up to approximately 20 pages, while ordinary parallel session contributors (poster or oral) are limited to 6 pages. Chairs have some flexibiity in allowing somewhat higher page limits for a limited number of invited speakers.

IJMPD publication of plenary and appropriate rapporteur articles

As with the past two meetings, plenary and stand alone rapporteur articles appropriate for the audience of the journal IJMPD will again be published in that journal as they are received within a reasonable time before or after the December 31, 2018 deadline. Summaries of parallel sessionsare not appropriate for this purpose; surveys should refer to the existing literature.

For these articles LaTeX must be used with our proceedings style macros. After uploading a plenary proceedings article, email Bob Jantzen to forward the article to the journal which will reformat the content with their LaTeX macros. Rapporteur authors authorized by their chair must first contact Bob Jantzen for an upload slot to be created for their review if their existing talk slot is not to be used (state session abbreviation, title and author list).