MG15 Preliminary Parallel Sessions

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AC1 A - B Spectral and Temporal properties of Black Holes and neutron stars and the theoretical models (Sandip Chakrabarti)
AC2 MHD processes near compact objects (Sergey Moiseenko)
AC3 A - B Accretion discs and jets (Eva Hackmann, Audrey Trova)

Alternative Theories
AT1 A - B
C - D
E - F
Extended Theories of Gravity and Quantum Cosmology (Salvatore Capozziello, Mariafelicia De Laurentis)
AT2 The Einstein-Infeld-Hoffmann Legacy in Mathematical Relativity (A. Shadi Tahvildar-Zadeh, Michael Kiessling)
AT3 A - B Wormholes, Energy Conditions and Time Machines (Francisco Lobo, Diego Rubiera-Garcia)
AT4 A - B Massive gravity, Horndeski theory and other "ghost-free" models of modified gravity (Michael Volkov)
AT5 Constructive gravity (Marcus Werner)
AT6 Applied Newton-Cartan Geometry (Eric Bergshoeff, Niels Obers)
AT7 A - B Theories of gravity: alternatives to the cosmological and particle standard models (Stefano Bellucci, Valerio Faraoni, Orlando Luongo)

Black Holes: Theory and Observations/Experiments
BH2 A - B
C - D
Theoretical and observational studies of astrophysical black holes (Alexander Zakharov)
BH5 A - B Black hole thermodynamics (Hernando Quevedo)
BH7-8 A - B Black Holes in Higher Dimensions (Black Rings and Black Strings) (Jutta Kunz)
Hawking radiation in analogue black-holes (Jeff Steinhauer)

BN3 NS-NS and NS-WD mergers (Jorge Rueda, Krzysztof Belczynski)
BN4 End of white dwarfs and type Ia Supernova (Yukikatsu Terada, Keiichi Maeda)
BN6 Post-Newtonian expansion and analytic approximations (Luc Blanchet)
BN8 Relativistic Binary Stars Merging: Population Synthesis &/or Multimessanger Observations (Vladimir Lipunov)
BN9 Gravitational interaction of n-pole point particles and higher-spin fields (Donato Bini, Jan Steinhoff)

Boson stars
BS2 A - B Scalar fields in cosmology (Alfredo Macias, Darío Núñez)

Cosmic Microwave
CM2 Cosmic Backgrounds from radio to far-IR (Carlo Burigana, Hans Ulrik
CM3 Future Steps in Cosmology with CMB Spectral Distortions (Jens Chluba)
CM4 A - B Tensions on LCDM cosmological model and model-independent constraints (Joan Solà Peracaula, Luca Amendola)
CM5 A - B Present and future of CMB observations (Marco Bersanelli, Aniello Mennella)

Cosmic Strings
CS1 Cosmic Strings (Reinoud Jan Slagter)

Dark Energy and Large Scale Structure
DE1 A - B
Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe (Alexei Starobinsky, David Polarski)
DE2 Dark Energy and Large Scale structure (Gannouji Radouane, Clement Stahl)

Dark Matter
DM1 A Interacting Dark Matter (Nikolaos Mavromatos)
  B Interacting Dark Matter (Carlos Argüelles)
DM2 Dark Matter and rare processes (Rita Bernabei, Zurab Berezhiani)
DM4 Self Gravitating Systems and Dark Matter (Marco Merafina)

ED1 Teaching Einsteinian Physics to School Students (David Blair, Matteo Ruggiero, Tejinder Kaur)

Exact Solutions
ES1 Exact Solutions in Four and Higher Dimensions: Mathematical Aspects (Georgy Alekseev, Fabio Briscese)
ES3 Exact Solutions (including higher dimensions) (Susan Scott)

Early Universe
EU2 A Quantum Fields (Vladimir Belinski)
  B Quantum Fields (Alexander Kamenshchik)
  C Quantum Fields (Andrei Lebed)

Gamma Ray Bursts
GB1 Fast radio bursts: observations, ideas and prospects (Bing Zhang, Duncan Lorimer)
GB3 Cosmology and multi-messenger astrophysics with Gamma-Ray Bursts (Lorenzo Amati, Massimo Della Valle, Paul O'Brien)
GB4 Photospheric Emission in GRBs (Gregory Vereshchagin, Damien Begue)
GB6 GeV emission from Gamma Ray Bursts (Francesco Longo)
GB7 Lessons from GW170817 / GRB170817A (Jonathan Granot)
GB8 GRB 130427A, 160509A, 160625B, The Polar View of BdHNe Morphology (Binbin Zhang, Yu Wang)
GB9 GRB 151027A and GRB 090618, the equatorial view of BdHNe (Grant Mathews)
GB11 Plasma acceleration and transparency in GRBs (She-Sheng Xue, Carlo Luciano Bianco)

Gravitational Waves
GW1 A - B Sources of Gravitational Waves (Andrew Melatos)
GW4 Middle-Frequency (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz) Gravitational Wave (GW) Detection and its Sources (Wei-Tou Ni)
GW5-6 DECIGO (Masaki Ando)
The Role of Numerical Relativity in Gravitational Wave Observations (Nigel Bishop)
GW7 Ground-based detectors: from second to third generationm (Giovanni Losurdo)
GW8 Dense stellar environments as sites of gravitational wave emission (Roberto Capuzzo Dolcetta, Manuel Arca Sedda)
GW9 Advanced Data-Analysis Techniques for Gravitational-Wave Detection (Paola Leaci, Sergio Frasca)

High Energy
HE1 Very High Energy Gamma Rays (Razmik Mirzoyan, Alessandro De Angelis)
HE2 High Energy Astrophysical Neutrino detection (Antonio Capone)
HE3 The first Chinese X-ray astronomy mission Insight-HXMT at MGXV (Filippo Frontera, Shu Zhang)
HE5 Neutrino Astronomy (Paolo Padovani, Paolo Giommi)
HE6 Cosmic Ray Acceleration, Radiation and Neutrinos in Extragalactic Jets (Federico Fraschetti, Matthew G. Baring)
HE7 Future missions for high-energy astrophysics (Lorenzo Amati, Enrico Bozzo)
HE8 Astronomical Data in the Multi-messenger era (Ulisses Barres de Almeida, Andy Pollock)

History of Relativity
HR1 History of Relativity and Cosmology (Christian Bracco, Tilman Sauer)
HR2 Angelo Secchi and Astrophysics (Paolo De Bernardis, Gabriele Gionti SJ, Costantino Sigismondi)

Neutron Stars
NS1-2 Observational Constraints on the Micro and Macroscopic Properties of Compact Stars (Jorge Rueda, Rodrigo Negreiros)
New States of Matter in the Universe - From quarks to the Cosmos (Cesar Augusto Vasconcellos Zen, Aurora Peréz Martínez)
NS3 Different aspects of the QCD phase diagram investigated with hadronic models (Debora Peres Menezes, Constança Providência)
NS4 Pulsars' methodology for fundamental physics (Andrea Possenti)

Precision Tests
PT2 A - B Gravitational lensing and shadows (Perlick Volker, Oleg Tsupko)
PT3 A - B Experimental Gravitation ( Angela Di Virgilio, Claus Lämmerzahl)
PT4 A - B - C Variation of the fundamental constants, violation of the fundamental symmetries and dark matter (Victor Flambaum, Yevgeny Stadnik)
PT5 Testing gravitation theories in space (Roberto Peron, Francesco Vespe)
PT6 Fundamental physics in Space (Meike List)

Quantum Gravity
QG1 Loop Quantum Gravity (Jerzy Lewandowski, Marcin Kisielowski)
QG2 A - B Quantum Gravity Phenomenology (Giovanni Amelino-Camelia, Gianluca Calcagni)
QG3 Loop quantum gravity: cosmology and black holes (Parampreet Singh, Jorge Pullin)

Strong Field
SF1 Strong (EM) Fields Physics and Laboratory (Sang Pyo Kim, She-Sheng Xue)

White Dwarfs
WD2 Origin and physics of Soft Gamma-ray Repeaters and Anomalous X-ray Pulsars (Manuel Malheiro)