The registration procedure consists of three steps:

  1. Registration: you must first fill out the on-line registration form, which will give you an MG13 registration ID code that you must save. You can then submit an abstract for an invited plenary talk or to a parallel session by selecting the appropriate abbreviation from the pull down menu after consulting the parallel session list for the session titles.

    In the registration form you will find two separate boxes for letter requests: one for requesting a standard letter (also for visa purposes) and the other one for requesting a letter with the title of your contribution/contributions. If you need both, please, make sure to select both boxes.

    After the registration you will receive a confirmation email with a link to update your personal data (in case of mistakes): in this case, when prompted for username and password, please use your lastname as username and your MG13 PIN as password in order to save the changes.

    For any query about this step, please email

  2. Abstract submission: If you wish to submit an abstract at a later time, you may also do so by returning to Step 2 with your MG13 registration ID code. You can choose to submit both an abstract or a poster, choosing the Parallel Session from the session titles. You can also participate in the meeting without submitting an abstract or a poster, but just registering to Step 1 and 3.

    For any query about this step, please email

  3. Registration for fee payment and hotel reservation: you may next proceed to pay the registration fee, keeping the early registration fee deadline of May 25, 2012 in mind. This involves a separate registration fee ID to secure the transaction. If you wish to make a hotel reservation through the conference organization, it can only be done on-line at this step.

    If you cannot pay by credit card, please, be aware that it is possible to pay by Bank Transfer. All people registering at this step (step 3), receive a confirmation message. At the bottom of that confirmation, all necessary bank details for payment by bank transfer are specified.

    For any query about this step, please email
    >>>>>>>>> [Do not use this email for questions about abstract submission] <<<<<<<<

The 1st registration step is required to all participants. Step 2 is not compulsory, but you are required to fill-in that form only if you wish to present a scientific contribution in the parallel session at the meeting. Deadline for payment of early fee €350: May 25th. After such deadline, the registration fee is €400. Student fee is always € 150. Prior to the payment of your registration fee to Congrex, please, fill in the form at Step 3 of registration process. Abstracts for parallel session presentations must be submitted by June 15, 2012, but preferably at the time of registration.

For payment of the registration fee on-site, only VISA or Mastercard credit cards or cash in Euros will be accepted. The cash amount should be exact, since excessive transactions requiring change will not be possible.


If the registration and abstract submission page does not appear after you click on its link, try again while pressing the control button down ( CTRL ) and simultaneously clicking on the link.