MG13 Proceedings

Proceedings of the Thirteenth Marcel Grossman Meeting on General Relativity
edited by Robert T Jantzen, Kjell Rosquist, Remo Ruffini
World Scientific, Singapore, 2015

publisher website for proceedings [e-proceedings with abstracts now available here]

The three paper proceedings volumes will be published officially in March but will be mailed to participants in February. They will take some time to arrive.

Plenary and parallel session designated rapporteur articles will be published in the journal IJMPD through their regular referee process as submitted, as well as in the usual 3 volumes of World Scientific proceedings which will take longer to process.

Submission for LaTeX source zipped files will be on-line, while MS Word document submissions (in the appropriate World Scientific template) must be submitted via email. In both cases each submitting author must first go on-line to correct information (title, author name spelling) about the submission, especially including listing all coauthors in the appropriate long name format described below. [Note that on-line LaTeX submission is preferred, with MS Word seen primarily as an exceptional case for long documents with many graphics not so easily converted to the .eps format required for site-independent LaTeX documents.]

Final submission deadline for IJMPD Invited Plenary and Review articles: Dec 31, 2012
Final submission deadline for all articles: July 15, 2013

Any questions can be addressed to bob: with a very specific subject header including the string "MG13 proceedings". When in doubt, email bob.

Plenary and rapporteur articles prepared for publication in IJMPD by December 31, 2012 can bypass the online upload process as described below and may be sent in via email as soon as they are ready.

News updated September 24, 2012

Author Page Limits

Page limits are as follows:

IJMPD submission of invited plenary and rapporteur articles

To expedite publishing of the invited plenary and rapporteur articles, an agreement was made with the journal IJMPD to publish them as they are submitted to that journal preferably prior to December 31, 2012, after review by the MG13 organization. These together with other articles in this category submitted directly to us will also be published by World Scientific in the usual 3 volumes of proceedings with the remaining parallel session articles (3 pages for normal presentations, 2 pages for poster presentations) with a submission deadline of February 28, 2013. We need to be notified of the chairperson's designated rapporteur name to manage this process.

Details about IJMPD submission are as follows. The preferred manuscript delivery for this journal is LaTeX using their journal macros, downloadable from this site which each submitting author should read:
If you really need to use MS Word for some reason please contact us. Obviously the paper must conform to the standards of the journal.

Articles prepared in this way should be sent in a zipped file archive to together with a successfully typeset PDF version of the article and we will transmit the article to the journal. The email from plenary speakers should have the subject header: "MG13 plenary article by XXXX for IJMPD", where XXXX is the lead author name. Rapporteur articles should use the subject heading  "MG13rapporteur article for YYY by XXXX for IJMPD", where XXXX is the lead author name and YYY is the parallel session abbreviation for which the article is written, and the chairpersons for that session should be copied, if not written by one of them.

We will then later include this in the normal proceedings. Questions can always be directed to the meeting email box.

Author Compuscript Preparation Instructions

Articles must be prepared with the World Scientific proceedings macros/templates for 9.75" x 6.50" trim size (second row in the table, LaTeX: for Proceedings Contributors) in LaTeX2e or with MS Word. Corrected versions of the .cls LaTeX file and of the Word template remove leading white space above the title and are available below. Do not download your macros/templates from the World Scientific website: the full zip files with instructions, example, and corrected macro/template files are linked here:

  1. LaTeX
    Use the LaTeX macro .cls "class" file ws-procs975x65.cls [click here to download a corrected version of the zip file]. The instruction file ws-procs975x65.tex that comes with the proceedings macros is a sample file which also describes the package and can be used as a template. Please follow this style.

    WARNING: The titlepage material formatted with the commands \title \author \address is slightly nonstandard in this package, with no \maketitle command, but instead a \bodymatter command preceding the body of the article. Email addresses are put inside the \address command on a new line (after "\\"). If you do not use the \section commands, you can begin with just \bodymatter\bigskip after the abstract environment \begin{abstract}...\end{abstract}. The article title should be in UPPERCASE letters (you can use \uppercase{...}). Authors should be listed by full name in normal word order in UPPERCASE letters (like "ROBERT T. JANTZEN and TED JOHNSON" or \uppercase{Robert T. Jantzen} and \uppercase{Ted Johnson}), see the World Scientific example instruction file explaining the macros; titles should also be in UPPERCASE. Use "in Ref.~\refcite{...}" or "in Refs.~\refcite{... , ...}" for explicit in line references to the unformatted reference number instead of the superscript \cite{...} for normal citations. Do not use ties "~" after "\cite{...}" and before punctuation (comma, semicolon or period), since this macro moves punctuation found immediately after it to before the superscript citation number. For acknowledgements use "\section*{Acknowledgements}". Use \begin{thebibliography} for references. Journal names (abbreviated) should be in italics: "{\em Phys.\ Rev.} {\bf D40}, 345 (1990)."
  2. MS-Word .doc file (not .docx)
    MS Word has a .dot template file and instructions which must be downloaded and used [click here to download a corrected version of the zip file].
    MS Word submissions cannot be accepted by on-line upload but MUST be emailed to with SUBJECT heading:

    mg13 Proceedings MS Word submission: Session XXX

    where XXX is PLS for a plenary contribution or the parallel session abbreviation given in the parallel session list for a parallel session contribution.

    AND in all cases the BODY of the email message contains:
    • Submitting Author: in format: FamilyName_for_Indexing, RemainingNames where the LastNames = family names are appropriate for an alphabetized index entry beginning with the single dominant family name when multiple family names exist
    • Full Author list: in format: FamilyName_for_Indexing1, RemainingNames1; FamilyName_for_Indexing2, RemainingNames2; etc
    • Title (Usual capitalization rules for first letter of title words only, not all uppercase as in the proceedings manuscript)
    • Abstract (for plenary or long contributions, optional for short contributions)
    • Session
    Your cooperation with careful FamilyName_for_Indexing, RemainingNames designation is essential for a proper author index of the proceedings. We need your full name! Please comply. Example:

    Calcio Nuovo, Sebastiano; Jantzen, Robert T.; Fang, Li-Zhi

You may correct your on-line author listing, article title and abstract on record at the submission website with the username/password emailed to you. This information is used to make the table of contents of the proceedings, which is the main organizational tool for those proceedings.

 Please check your registered talks at the website even if you are submitting a Word document. If the PDF and PS file links do not appear within several days, send an email of inquiry. Check to make sure your Word file was processed correctly. It is your responsibility to guarantee that we have an acceptable typeset document.

Author LaTeX Submission Instructions

All participants who delivered a talk or poster at the meeting will be emailed a username and password for web upload in summer 2012, with a link to the conference proceedings site:

Once you enter the site, go to the upload article link at the top center of the webpage to upload your article. Once there you will see a list of your contributions, if more than one, identified by session. Click on the upload icon to the left of each item to insert the required information for each contribution and upload the file for it.

Note: the name of the TEX file to be LaTeXed must be "main.tex", even if you are submitting a single file, and even a single file must be zipped with the file extension .zip to be processed by our server robot.

When submitting your article, it is extremely important that the suggested Authors entry format be followed so that the proceedings author index can be alphabetized correctly, separating multiple authors by a semicolon ";".


Calcio Nuovo, Sebastiano; Jantzen, Robert T.; Fang, Li-Zhi

Please correct the author list, article title and abstract supplied by the robot if necessary.

Your uploaded file will then be processed and converted into pdf and ps formats for you to check that it has compiled correctly. You will receive an email with the latex log file when complete (usually only minutes). You may then return to the same upload page, reload it, and see links to the pdf and ps files. You may check them with the free Abobe Acrobat Reader ( or Ghostscript ( software. [Note that Adobe Distiller converts PS into PDF files.]

It is important that the submitting author verify that the PDF and/or PS files look correct when initially generated by the robot at submission time since glitches can occur in the robot typesetting process.

You may continue uploading corrected files until the submission deadline. Once the submission deadline has passed and your article is reviewed by the editors and accepted, it will then be viewable to the world from the link 'published proceedings' to the webpage for the search engine for the on-line proceedings.

It is very important that when entering your data for each upload, you type your name and coauthor's names and session talk title correctly, since discrepancies with the data base lead to problems that are very labor intensive to correct. Your own name should already have been supplied from the data base in the correct form. If it needs correction, please email the conference mailbox with the subject heading "mg13: author upload name correction" to alert us to this problem with the database information.

If you accidentally lose the email with this information, or did not receive such an email by September 15, send an email to with the subject heading: "mg13: need username/password". Be sure to document the session name and abbreviation to which your talk was submitted, and the chairperson's name if possible.

After Submission

Submission of a manuscript does not mean that it will automatically be included in the proceedings. After the final deadline, chairpersons will receive instructions to review the papers submitted to their session; certain papers may be sent to referees at the discretion of the editors and/or chairpersons. When your file is successfully typeset initially, a confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address used to submit it. Otherwise a request for a corrected electronic version of your paper will be made to that e-mail address.

Once articles have been released to the public by the chairpersons and editors ("published on-line"), they may be viewed by anyone in PDF or PS format at the "published proceedings" link at:

Once released to the public, contributions may be searched by author name, title, keywords, or the parallel session abbreviation (see the parallel program for these abbreviations) or by the plenary session abbreviation PLS which produces the list of all plenary sessions. To access the PDF or PS files one clicks on the "open folder" icon in the leftmost column of the desired listing from the search results and selects either one or the other. [Shift clicking allows saving of the file locally to view full screen without the browser banner and webpage frame reducing the available window.]

Chairpersons may release contributions at any time after submission. If a participant wishes his or her contribution to be made public, the chairperson can be contacted and requested to check it for release.