MG13 Preliminary Parallel Sessions ( in progress)

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Analytic and Numerical Methods
AN1 A    B Post-Newtonian and Analytic Approximations (Luc Blanchet)
AN2 Interfacing Analytical and Numerical Relativity (Alessandra Buonanno, Alessandro Nagar)
AN3 Gravitational Self-Force and Astrophysical Binaries of small mass ratios (Leor Barack)
AN4 Numerical Simulations of Binary Black Holes (Pablo Laguna)
AN5 Numerical analysis of coalescing binaries (Masaru Shibata)
Astroparticle Physics
AP1 DAMA and Related Experiments (Rita Bernabei)
AP2 Active Galactic Nuclei at High Energies (Paolo Giommi, Felix Aharonian)
AP3 Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays (Karl-Heinz Kampert, Cao Zhen)
AP4 News from LHC (Carlo Dionisi, Luciano Maiani)
Alternative Theories
AT1 Higher dimensional General Relativity (Harvey Reall)
AT2 A    B Extended Theories of Gravity (Salvatore Capozziello)
AT3 A    B Gravitational Fields with Sources, Regular Black Holes, Quasiblack Holes, and Analog Black Holes (José P. S. Lemos, Paolo Pani)
AT4 A    B Modified Gravity (Fawad Hassan, Shinji Mukohyama)
Black Holes: Theory
BH1 Black Holes in Higher Dimensions (Black Rings and Black Strings) (Jutta Kunz)
BH2 Magneto-Plasma Processes in Relativistic Astrophysics (Gennady Bisnovatyi-Kogan, Sergej Moiseenko)
BH3 A    B Black Holes (Roy Kerr, Jacob Bekenstein)
BH4 Black Hole Evaporation, Holographic Principle, and Entropic Gravity (Pisin Chen)
Cosmic Background radiation
CB1/2 A    B CMB Experiments (Silvia Masi, Paolo De Bernardis)

Astrophysics from the radio to submillimetre - Planck Mission (Carlo Burigana, Hans-Ulric Norgaard-Nielsen)
Cosmological Models
CM1 Inflation (Misao Sasaki)
CM2 A    B    C Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe (Alexei Starobinsky, David Polarski)
CM3 Nonsingular Cosmology (Mario Novello)
CM4 Quantum Cosmology and Quantum Effects in the Early Universe (Paulo Moniz)
Experimental Gravitation
EG1 Experimental Gravitation (Claus Laemmerzahl)
EG2 Variation of Fundamental Constants (Victor Flambaum)
EG3 Compact Binaries and Strong-Field Tests of Gravity (Michael Kramer)
EG4 Self-Gravitating System (David Merritt)
Gamma Ray Bursts: Theory and Observation
GRB1 Photospheric Emission in GRBs (Felix Ryde, Gregory Vereshchagin)
GRB2 First Minutes of GRBs: physics of prompt emission, central engine, and progenitor (Bing Zhang, Pawan Kumar)
GRB3 Observations vs. Theory in the Swift Era (Sergio Campana, Massimo Della Valle)
GRB4 GRB: correlations and central engine (Sergio Campana, Massimo Della Valle)
GRB5 Models for GRBs (Shiho Kobayashi, Tsvi Piran)
Mathematical and General Theories
GT1 Exact Solutions in Four and Higher Dimensions: Mathematical Aspects (Georgy Alekseev)
GT2 Cosmological Singularities and Asymptotics (Spiros Cotsakis)
GT3 A    B Theoretical Issues in GR (Dieter Brill)
GT4 Exact Solutions (Physical Aspects) (Susan Scott)
GT5 Quantum Fields (Vladimir Belinski)
Gravitational Waves
GW1 Sources of Gravitational Waves (Andrew Melatos)
GW2 Gravitational Wave and Multimessenger Astronomy (Fulvio Ricci, Szabolcs Marka)
GW3 Status of the Gravitational Wave Detectors (David Blair, Jean-Yves VINET)
GW4 Underground Gravitational Wave Detectors (Harald Lück, Albert Lazzarini)
History of Relativity
HR1 History of Relativity and Cosmology (Christian Bracco)
Observational Cosmology
OC1 Supernova Cosmology and the Accelerating Universe (Ariel Goobar, Jesper Sollerman)
OC2 Observational Gravitational Lensing [Microlensing] (Philippe Jetzer)
OC3 Cosmology from GRBs (Lorenzo Amati, Daisuke Yonetoku)
OC4 A    B New developments in the study of the large scale structure of the Universe (Enn Saar, Rien van de Weygaert)
Quantum Gravity
QG1 A    B Loop Quantum Gravity, Quantum Geometry, Spin Foams (Jerzy Lewandowski)
QG2 A    B Quantum Gravity Phenomenology (Giovanni Amelino-Camelia)
QG3 Asymptotic Safeness and Symmetry Breaking in Quantum Gravity (Eckehard W. Mielke)
QG4 A   B Loop quantum gravity: cosmology and black holes (Jorge Pullin, Parampreet Singh)
Strong Fields in Astrophysics
SF1 Origin and physics of Soft Gamma-ray Repeaters and Anomalous X-ray Pulsars (Sandro Mereghetti, Manuel Malheiro)
SF2 Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics (Johann Rafelski, Jorge Rueda)
SF3 Strong Fields and High Energy Astrophysical events (Christian Ghezzi, She-Sheng Xue)
SF4 Relativistic MHD Flows and Electron-Positron Plasma (Yu-Qing Lou)
Space and General Relativity
SG1/2 GR around the Earth and the Sun (Roberto Peron, Neil Ashby)
SG3 Lisa Pathfinder and Space-Borne Gravitational Wave Detectors (Stefano Vitale)
SG4 GP-B and Lense-Thirring Measurements (Turki Al-Saud)
SN1 Multi-Dimensional Codes for Supernova Explosions (David Arnett, Casey Meakin)
SN3 Supernova Explosions and Neutron Star Oscillations (Kostas Kokkotas, Ewald Müller)
Satellite Observations
SO1 Spectral and timing Properties of Astrophysical Black Holes (Sandip Chakrabarti)
SO2 Spectral and Timing Properties of Astrophysical Black Holes (Sandip Chakrabarti)
SO3 Observations from High Energy Astrophysics Satellites (Norbert S. Schulz, Elena Pian)
SO4 White Dwarf Pulsars and Rotating White Dwarf Theory (Yukikatsu Terada)
SO5 Future Experiments and Missions in X and Gamma Ray (Filippo Frontera, Shuangnan Zhang)
String Theory
ST1 Planckian and Transplanckian Physics (Dmitri Galtsov)
ST2 String Theory (Mans Henningson)
ST3 Multivalued Fields for Defects in Spacetime and Gravity (Hagen Kleinert, Mikhail Katanaev)
Theoretical Cosmology
TC1 Supermassive Black Holes in Cosmic Structure Formation: Nature and Origin (Lucio Mayer)
TC2 Supermassive Black Holes in Cosmic Structure Formation: Coalescence and Effect on Galaxy Formation (Lucio Mayer)
TC3 Inhomogeneous Cosmologies, Averaging and Back Reaction (Alan Coley, David Wiltshire)