Preliminary Program of MG12 Parallel Sessions

which will take place at the UNESCO headquarters.

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A. String Theory and Quantum Gravity
  SQG1: Strings/Brane Motivated Gravity (Dmitri Galtsov) A B
  SQG2: Loop Quantum Gravity, Quantum Geometry, Spin Foams (Jerzy Lewandowski) A B
  SQG3: AdS/CFT (Anti de Sitter/Conformal Field Theory) (Kostas Skenderis)
  SQG4: Perturbative and Non-Perturbative Aspects of String Theory and Supergravity (Jan-Willem van Holten, Pierre Vanhove)
  SQG5: Quantum Fields (Vladimir Belinski)
  SQG6: Quantum Gravity Phenomenology (Giovanni Camelino-Amelia)
B. Black Holes: Theory
  BHT1: strong fields and particle physics in astrophysics (Hagen Kleinert)
  BHT2: Black Holes in Higher Dimensions (Black Rings and Black Strings) (Jutta Kunz) A B
  BHT3: Black Holes and Magneto-Hydrodynamics (Gennady Bisnovatyi-Kogan) A B
  BHT4: Black Hole Thermodynamics (Iosif Khriplovich) A B
  BHT5: Black Holes and the Information Puzzle (Gabriele Veneziano, Marika Taylor)
  BHT6: Analog Gravity (Ralf Schuetzhold, Clovis Maia)
C. Astrophysics of Neutron Stars and Black Holes
  APT1: Observations of Astrophysical Black Holes (Lev Titarchuk)
  APT2: Extreme Properties of Neutron Stars: Observations and Theory (Mariano Mendez, Nanda Rea)
  APT3: Observations from High Energy Astrophysics Satellites (Elena Pian, Norbert Schulz) A B
  APT4: Astrophysical Black Holes: from Quasars to Nano-Quasars (Sandip Chakrabarti)
  APT5: Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources: steady vs. transient sources (Marco Tavani)
D. Theoretical Cosmology
  COT1: Topology of the Universe (Marek Demianski)
  COT2: Inhomogeneous Cosmologies, Averaging and Back Reaction (Alan Coley, David Wiltshire) A B
  COT3: Nonsingular Cosmology (Mario Novello)
  COT4: Quantum Cosmology and Quantum Effects in the Early Universe (Paulo Moniz)
E. Gamma Ray Bursts: Theory and Observation
  GRB1: Supernovae and GRBs (Alicia Soderberg)
  GRB3: Observations vs. theory in the Swift era (Filippo Frontera, Sergio Campana ) A B
  GRB4: Models for GRBs (Tsvi Piran, Shiho Kobayashi)
F. Mathematical and General Theories
  MGAT1: Integrability and Solution Generating Methods for Einstein's Field Equations in Four and Higher Dimensions (Georgy Alekseev)
  MGAT2: Cosmological Singularities and Asymptotics (Spiros Cotsakis)
  MGAT3: Theoretical Issues in GR (Dieter Brill) A B
  MGAT4: Exact Solutions (Physical Aspects) (Susan Scott) A B
  MGAT5: Higher Dimensional Theories (Alan Coley)
  MGAT6: Higher Derivative Theories (Salvatore Capozziello) A B
  MGAT7: Gravitational Fields with Sources (Jose Lemos, Vitor Cardoso)
  MGAT8: Alternative Theories (Kei-Ichi Maeda, Hideki Ishihara)
  MGAT9: Self-Gravitating Systems (Pierre-Henri Chavanis)
  MGAT10: Chaos in gravitating systems (Thierry Dauxois, Vahe Gurzadyan)
G. Experimental Gravitation
  EG1: Tests of Local Lorentz Invariance (Claus Laemmerzahl)
  EG2: Variation of Fundamental Constants (Victor Flambaum)
  EG3: Space Tests (Serge Reynaud)
  EG4: Astrometric Tests (Sergei Klioner, Francois Mignard)
  EG5: Short Range Gravity Tests (Joshua Long)
  EG6: Compact Binaries and Strong-Field Tests of Gravity (Michael Kramer)
  EG7: Equivalence Principle Tests (Pierre Touboul)
H. History of Relativity
  HR1: Recent Advances in the History of General Relativity (Jean Eisenstaedt)
I. Analytic and Numerical Methods
  ANM1: Post-Newtonian and Analytic Approximations (Luc Blanchet, Gerhard Schaefer)
  ANM2: Compact Binary Simulations: Spins and Gravitational Recoil, Comparisons with Post-Newtonian Results (Pablo Laguna)
  ANM3: Interfacing analytical and numerical relativity (Alessandra Buonanno)
  ANM4: Numerical Methods in General Relativity and Algebraic Computation (Christian Klein)
  ANM5: Supernova Explosions and Neutron Star Oscillations (Kostas Kokkotas, Harald Dimmelmeier)
  ANM6: Compact Binary Simulations: Miscellaneous (Frans Pretorius)
  ANM7: Self Forces, Black Hole Perturbations (Eric Poisson)
  ANM8: Collisionless Relativistic Shocks (Mikhail Medvedev)
L. Cosmological Models
  COM1: Inflation (Jérôme Martin)
  COM2: Dark Energy and Universe Acceleration (Alexei Starobinsky, David Polarski) A B C
M. Observational Cosmology
  OC1: Primordial Gravitational Waves and the CMB (Leonid Grishchuk) A B
  OC2: CMB Experiments (Silvia Masi)
  OC3: The Planck Mission and the CMB (Martin Bucher)
  OC4: Observational Gravitational Lensing [Microlensing] (Philippe Jetzer)
  OC5: Dark Matter and Large-Scale Structure, Weak Lensing (Yannick Mellier)
N. Astroparticle Physics
  AP1: Search for Dark Matter (Gabriel Chardin)
  AP2: Neutrino Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology (Katsushiko Sato)
  AP3: Perspectives for Cosmic Rays from Space Missions: PAMELA (Piergiorgio Picozza, Marco Ricci)
  AP4: Active Galactic Nuclei and gamma rays (Felix Aharonian, Helene Sol and Berrie Giebels)
O. Gravitational Waves
  GW1: Sources of Gravitational Waves (Andrew Melatos)
  GW2: Operating GW Detectors (Adalberto Giazotto, Jean-Pierre Zendri)
  GW3: Space and Third Generation GW Detectors (Albrecht Ruediger, Sheila Rowan)
  GW4: GW Data Analysis (Fulvio Ricci, Valentin Rudenko)
  GW5: Advanced GW Detectors (David Blair, Kimio Tsubono)
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