Invited Speakers

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Confirmed invited speakers include:

Felix Aharonian

Jim Bergquist

Bernd Bruegmann

Demetrios Christodoulou

Eugene Churazov

Alain Connes

Thibault Damour

Della Valle

Laurent Freidel

Andrea Ghez

Herbert W. Hamber

William Holzapfel

Christine Jones

Michael Kramer

Juan Maldacena

Dick Manchester

Maxim Markevich

Yannick Mellier

Tsvi Piran

Jean-Loup Puget

Hernando Quevedo

David Reitze

Igor Rodnianski

Piero Rosati

Remo Ruffini

Ashoke Sen

David Smith

Gabriele Veneziano

Alexey Vikhlinin

David Wiltshire
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