MG14 Preliminary Parallel Sessions ( in progress)

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The poster session will be held at the Department of Physics (old building, "FISICA Marconi") for the whole week.
The max format of the poster is 100cm x 140cm (width x height).

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AC1 A - B Accretion Processes onto Black Holes: Observation and Modeling (Sandip Chakrabarti)
AC2 MHD processes near compact objects (Sergey Moiseenko)
Alternative Theories
AT1 A - B
C - D
Extended Theories of Gravity and Quantum Cosmology (Salvatore Capozziello, Gabriele Gionti)
AT2 A - B Extended Theories of Gravity and Quantum Cosmology (Salvatore Capozziello, Gabriele Gionti)
AT3 A - B Wormholes, Energy Conditions and Time Machines (Francisco Lobo)
AT4 Localized self-gravitating field systems in the Einstein and alternatives theories of gravity (Dmitry Galtsov, Michael Volkov)
Black Holes: Theory and Observations/Experiments
BH1-2-3 Binary Black Holes as Sources of Multi-messenger Astronomy (Pablo Laguna)
  Black holes in binary stellar systems (Anatoly M. Cherepaschuck, Stanislav O. Alexeyev)
  Black holes in galactic nuclei (Anatoly M. Cherepaschuck, Stanislav O. Alexeyev)
BH4 A - B Gravitational fields with sources: From compact objects to black holes (José Lemos, Paolo Pani)
BH5 Geometric approaches to the thermodynamics of black holes (Hernando Quevedo)
BH6 A - B Regular and Analogue Black Holes (Stefano Liberati, Carlos Barcelo)
BH7-8 A - B Black Holes in Higher Dimensions (Black Rings and Black Strings) (Jutta Kunz)
Hairy Black Holes (Burkhard Kleihaus)
BN1 Compact Binaries and Strong-Field Tests of Gravity (Paulo Freire, Michael Kramer)
BN2 Numerical Analysis of Coalescing Binaries (Masaru Shibata)
BN3 A - B Double Neutron Stars and Neutron Star-White Dwarf Binaries (Thomas Tauris)
BN4 End of white dwarfs and type Ia Supernova (Yukikatsu Terada, Keiichi Maeda)
BN5 Self-forces and small-mass-ratio binaries (Adam Pound)
BN6 Post-Newtonian and Analytic Approximations (Alexandre Le Tiec)
BN7 Interfacing analytical and numerical relativity (Ian Hinder)
Boson stars
BS1 Black Hole foils, Boson stars (Meike List)
BS2 Scalar fields in cosmology (Alfredo Macias)
Cosmic Microwave
CM1 Cosmic Microwave Background measurements (Silvia Masi, Paolo de Bernardis)
CM2-3 A - B Cosmology with the Cosmic Microwave Background: Implications of Planck and Other Experiments in Temperature and Polarization (Carlo Burigana, Hans Ulrik Nørgaard-Nielsen)
  Galaxy Clusters as probes for Cosmology and Dark Matter (Piero Rosati)
Dark Energy and Large Scale Structure
DE1 A - B Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe (Alexei Starobinsky, David Polarski)
DE2 Inhomogeneous Cosmology (Thomas Buchert, Alan Coley, David Wiltshire)
DE3 Large Scale Structure and Statistics (Thomas Buchert, Hagen Kleinert)
Dark Matter
DM1 Interacting Dark Matter (Nikolaos Mavromatos)
DM2 Results and Strategies in Dark Matter Detection (Pierluigi Belli)
DM3 Sterile neutrinos and cosmology (Mikhail Shaposhnikov, Alexey Boyarsky, Oleg Ruchayskiy)
DM4 Self Gravitating Systems and Dark Matter (Marco Merafina)
Exact Solutions
ES1 Exact Solutions in Four and Higher Dimensions: Mathematical Aspects (Georgy Alekseev)
ES2 A - B Theoretical Issues in GR (Dieter Brill)
ES3 Exact Solutions (Physical Aspects) (Susan Scott)
Early Universe
EU1 Semiclassical and Quantum Cosmology (Paulo Vargas Moniz)
EU2 Quantum Fields (Vladimir Belinski)
EU3 Cosmological Singularities and Asymptotics (Spiros Cotsakis)
Gamma Ray Bursts
GB1 Fast radio bursts: observations, ideas and prospects (Bing Zhang, Duncan Lorimer)
GB2 The energy compositions and acceleration processes of GRB jets (Shiho Kobayashi, Stefano Covino)
GB3 Cosmology from GRBs (Lorenzo Amati, Massimo Della Valle)
GB4 Photospheric Emission in GRBs (Gregory Vereshchagin, J. Michael Burgess)
GB5 A - B GRBs and the Afterglow (Chris L. Fryer, Grant J. Mathews)
Gravitational Lensing
GL2 Statistics and Geometry of Weak Lensing Data (Domenico Marinucci)
GL3 Gravitational lensing: theory and numerical modeling (Oleg Tsupko)
Galactic Nuclei
GN1 Gravitational physics of the galactic center (Heino Falcke)
GN2 New developments in Blazars research (Paolo Giommi, Paolo Padovani)
Gravitational Waves
GW1 Sources of Gravitational Waves (Andrew Melatos)
GW2 Status of the Gravitational Wave Detectors (Jean-Yves Vinet, David Blair)
GW3 Lisa Pathfinder and Space-Borne Gravitational Wave Detectors (Massimo Bassan, Michele Armano)
High Energy
HE1 Experimental tests of fundamental physics with high energy gamma rays (Alessandro De Angelis, Razmik Mirzoyan)
HE2 High Energy Astrophysical neutrinos detection (Antonio Capone)
HE3 Future prospects in high energy astrophysics (Filippo Frontera, Aldo Morselli)
HE4 Space missions of high energy particles and gamma-rays (Shuang-Nan Zhang, Oscar Adriani)
History of Relativity
HR1 History of Relativity and Cosmology (Christian Bracco, Tilman Sauer)
Neutron Stars
NS1 Observational Constraints on the Micro and Macroscopic Properties of Compact Stars (Jorge Rueda, Rodrigo Negreiros)
NS2 New States of Matter and Strong Electromagnetico Fields in the Universe (Cesar Augusto Vasconcellos Zen, Aurora Peréz Martinez)
NS3 QCD phase diagram: from nuclear astrophysics to heavy ion collisons (Debora Peres Menezes)
NS4 Neutron stars in the context of stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis (Pascal Chardonnet)
NS5 Highly magnetized neutron stars: theories, observations and connection with gamma-ray bursts (Nanda Rea)
Precision Tests
PT1 Tests of gravity with atom interferometers and clocks (Guglielmo Tino)
PT2 Theory of light propagation in gravitational fields (Perlick Volker)
PT3 A - B Experimental Gravitation (Claus Lämmerzahl, Angela Di Virgilio)
PT4 A - B Variation of Fundamental Constants (Victor Flambaum, Julian Berengut)
PT5 GR in the Solar System (Roberto Peron, Agnes Fienga)
PT6 Dynamics of extended test objects -- equations of motion and their solution (Eva Hackmann, Dirk Puetzfeld)
Quantum Field
QF1 Quantum Spacetime (Gherardo Piacitelli)
QF2 A - B Quantum Field Theory on Curved Spacetime (Gerardo Morsella)
QF3 Operator Algebras and Quantum Field Theory (Gandalf Lechner, Giuseppe Ruzzi)
Quantum Gravity
QG1 A - B Loop Quantum Gravity, Quantum Geometry, Spin Foams (Jerzy Lewandowski)
QG2 A - B
Quantum Gravity Phenomenology (Giovanni Amelino-Camelia)
QG3 Loop quantum gravity: cosmology and black holes (Jorge Pullin, Parampreet Singh)
Strong Field
SF1-2 Strong (EM) Field Physics and Astrophysics (Sang Pyo Kim, She-Sheng Xue)
  Ground experiments and astrophysical observations in Strong Field Physics (Sang Pyo Kim, She-Sheng Xue)
SN1-2 A - B Supernova Explosions and Neutron Stars Dynamics (Kostas Kokkotas)
  Numerical simulations, SN, and GRB, connecting with massive SN (Valeri Chechetkin, Alexey Aksenov)
String Theory
ST1 Branes and Instantons in String Theory (Alberto Lerda)
ST2 Black Holes in String Theory (Gianguido Dall'Agata)
ST3 Gauge/gravity and related correspondences (Rubik Poghossian)
ST4 String Pheno & Cosmo (Gianfranco Pradisi)
White Dwarfs
WD1-3 The Status of Magnetic White Dwarfs (Enrique Garcia-Berro, S. O. Kepler)
  White Dwarfs in Binaries and the Role of Gravitational Waves (Mukremin Kilic)
WD2 Origin and physics of Soft Gamma-ray Repeaters and Anomalous X-ray Pulsars (Manuel Malheiro, Renxin Xu)