Tickets for box lunch: All participants can reserve lunch tickets in advance by using the link in the circular received by email on July 1 or July 10; payment can be done ONLY onsite. There will be a dedicated desk (at the registration venue) from Sunday July 12. The price of a box lunch is 7 Euro.

Lunch tickets will contain only the day of the week (MTWThF) they are valid and choice of (vegan) vegetarian or nonvegetarian lunch.

SAMPLE MENUS (to give an idea)
Box Lunch Menu 1 (nonvegetarian) 
Pasta salad (or rice, barley or spelt base) 
Salad with raw vegetables, cheese, hard-boiled eggs 
or dried or smoked beef, 
Fruit - Bottle of water - Bread 

Box Lunch Menu 2 (Vegan Vegetarian) 
Mediterranean pasta salad (or rice, barley or spelt base) 
(tomato concassÚe, olives, capers, basil) 
Green salad with tomatoes, corn, vegetables with cereals or vegan balls 
Fruit - Bottle of water - Bread

The local lunch offerings available on the Sapienza University campus and nearby cannot service on the order of a thousand meeting participants, and walking to and from the main train station area requires a minimum of 15 minutes brisk walk under the hot July sun of Rome each way.

We can provide a reasonable nuttritious lunch in the relative comfort of the shaded area in front of the Physics Department (Fisica Marconi) and nearby provided we have a reliable estimate of the demand for each day. This will allow  you to spend time with your colleagues without wasting time and energy hunting for some other lunch option in very hot weather. Without a reservation you risk not being able to purchase lunch tickets upon arrival and being excluded from this offering.