Dear Gravitational Researcher,

We at the University of Oregon have applied for an NSF grant to fund travel to MG IX in Rome, Italy, this July 2-8. While the grant has not been
approved, there is a reasonable chance that it will be. People who wish to apply for these funds should fill out the application form below, and send
it (before 15 March) to

Gayle Asburry
Dept of Math
University of Oregon
Eugene, Or 97403

Note the following:
1)  A US scientist is one who generally works in the US.  Nationality is not relevant.
2)  The funds can only be used to cover transportation to and from  Rome. Housing and registration costs must be met otherwise.
3)  US carriers, if available, must be used. (You are advised to consider making airline reservations as soon as possible to secure  a good fare)
4) The selection of the people to receive travel support will be  made by a panel of experienced US scientists (both theorists and experimentalists), based on the
     information on the returned   application forms. Preference will be given to those with NSF grants and those with no federal research support.

Please disseminate this information to your colleagues.

Sincerely yours
Jim Isenberg

Application form: