Rome-Gran Sasso-Pescara, july 9-15/1995

Sessions and list of participants

"Planck lattice and the Standard Model"

"Superluminal X-ray transients"

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"The nth-order Virial Theory. Permitted figures of equilibrium". S.Filippi, R.Ruffini, A.Sepulveda

"Evolution of Textures"

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"Light Propagation in Tolman Spacetime and Its Application to Cosmology"

"Effect of Neutrino Oscillation on Primordial Nucleosynthesis" H.W.Lee and D.J.Song

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"Jeans mass and white dwarf theory"

"Gravothermal catastrophe in anisotropic systems" M.Magliocchetti, G.Pucacco and E.Vesperini

"Spheroidal stellar systems"

"Scattering of spinning test particles by gravitational plane waves". C.Bini, G.Gemelli

"Testing Cosmological Models with COBE Data" S.Torres, L.Cayon, E.Martinez-Gonzalez and J.L.Sanz

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"Killing Equations in Classical Mechanics". D.Boccaletti, G.Pucacco

"An upgrade of the microlensing rate" F.De Paolis, G.Ingrosso, Ph.Jetzer

"Gravitational wave emission by particles spiraling in compact objects"

"MACHO's and molecular clouds in galaxies". F. DePaolis, G.Ingrosso, Ph.Jetzer,M.Roncadelli

"Effects on the Neutrino Degeneracy on the Primordial Abundances of Be and B"

"Null Detection of the Excess Rotation Measure in the Virgo Superclusters of Galaxies" Kwang-Tae Kim

"Magnetohydro dynamic Shocks in the Intracluster Medium" Kwang-Tae Kim

"Semiclassical Quantization of Matter Fields in Gravity" S.P.Kim

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"The discovery of X-ray Pulsators in M31"

"Search for BH candidates in X-ray binary system"

"Gravitoelectromagnetism: application to the Dirac equation"

"Spherical geodesics in Kerr spacetime and Gravitoelectromagnetism"

"Instanton in superstring effective theories"

"Problems in Black Hole Entropy Interpretation" Stefano Liberati

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"Finsler Geometry in Classical Mechanics and in Bianchi Cosmmological Models" D.Boccaletti, M.Di Bari, P.Cipriani, G.Pucacco

"The dicotomy of hot spheroidal stellar systems"

"On the Properties of Konishi-Kaneko Map" V.G. Gurzadyan, A.Melkonyan and K.Ogaessyan

"Dilatonic Monopole Black Holes"

"Canonical Quantization of (2+1)-Dimensional Gravity couplewith Dilaton Gravity" Taejin Lee

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"Duality symmetries in superstring theories". M.Bianchi

"Coherent nuclear physics in neutron stars"

"Stability of clusters with arbitrary large central redshift"

"Non linear phenomena in astrophysical outflows"

"Quantum Violation of Equivalence Principle in Brans-Dicke Theory"

"The Cosmological Model with Scalar, Spin and Torsion Field" Sung-Won Kim

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"Omega<1 Polar Inflation in a Kaluza-Klein Cosmology" Daile La

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"Perspectives on the observation of cluster of galaxies in X - ray band 1-10 Kev with SAX concentrator/spectrometer"

"Ionization in Thomas- Fermi models"

"Open Superstrings"

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JONG BOCK KIM " "Primordial Nucleosynthesis with Varying Gravitational Constant and Neutrino Degeneracy" Jong Bock Kim and Hyun Kyu Lee

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"Components of high energy spectrum of cosmic rays from Gran Sasso"

"Simulation of Void-Void Collision"

"Perturbation on Anisotropic Spacetime"

"Singularities induced by sine-Gordon Solitons coupled with Dilaton Gravity" Hyeon-Min Johng, Hak-Soo Shin and Kwang-Sup Soh

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"Can particles be created by static black holes"

"On the singularity problem in Cosmology" G. Montani

"Einstein clusters"

"Distribution functions for axisymmetric configurations"

"The electric field generation in pulsars"