In view of the joining of Brazil in ICRANet we are starting a series of workshops in Brazil to promote scientific interaction among ICRANet member institutions and South Americans scientists and students.

The first of such meetings is dedicated to Cesare Lattes, of Italian origin, one of the founders of physics in Brazil. Everybody recall his classic paper (Lattes – Occhialini – Powell), as well as his cosmic rays activity on the Andes. With him, we celebrate a passionate scientist who has given innumerous contributions to scientific knowledge and to teaching activities. Cesare Lattes also received the 2003 Marcel Grossmann Award.

This first Cesare Lattes meeting is devoted to the topics: “Gamma-Ray Bursts, Black Holes and Supernovae”. It will have a series of review talks by leading international scientists, as well as specific contributions by young researchers working in these three fields. Ample time will be devoted to informal discussions on these topics in order to broaden the common understanding.

Selected chapters of the second edition of the Gursky – Ruffini volume will be also presented at this meeting.

~ The meeting will take place in the beautiful Portobello Resort, one hour driving south of Rio and at CBPF in Rio.

~ Up to 55 participants will be admitted; for registrations, please, contact secretary,

~ Registration Fee will be 150€. A few fellowships for young  scientists will be available.

~ Conference proceedings will be published by AIP