The Third ICRANet Workshop

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Electrodynamics and Magnetohydrodynamics
around Black Holes

July 12 - 24, 1999
Rome and Pescara, Italy.


The recent observations of gamma ray bursts and the physics of  active galactic nuclei lead to the need for an assessment of  the efficiency of the electromagnetic and rotational energy extraction processes in the field of Kerr and Kerr-Newman black holes.

Experts in general relativity, in plasma, pulsar and quasar physics and in astrophysics will interact at this workshop to clarify some of the basic issues which are still unresolved in this important field of research.

The Italo-Korean Meeting on Relativistic Astrophysics will take place in parallel with this third ICRA workshop.

Invited participants and speakers include:
J.Bekenstein (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
V.Belinski (Rome University "La Sapienza" and ICRA, Italy)
V.S.Beskin (Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, Russia)
J.Bicak (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)
D.Bini (CNR of Naples, Italy)
M.Camenzind (Heidelberg, Germany)
V.M.Chechetkin (Keldysh Institute of A.M., Moscow, Russia)
D.Christodoulou (Princeton University, USA)
B.Coppi (MIT, USA)
F.V.Coroniti (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
T.Damour (IHES, Paris, France)
L.Z.Fang (University of Arizona, Tucson, USA)
K.Hirotani (Kyoto University, Japan )
R.Jantzen (Villanova University, USA)
R.Khanna (Heidelberg, Germany)
I.B.Khriplovich (Novosibirsk University, Russia)
I. Kotov (MEPHI, Moscow, Russia)
D.Meier (JPL, USA)
N.Narozhny (MEPHI, Moscow, Russia)
Yu.P.Popov (Keldysh Institute of A.M., Moscow, Russia)
G.Preparata (Milan University, Italy)
B.Punsly (Huges, California, USA)
R.Ruffini (Rome University "La Sapienza" and ICRA, Italy)
J.Salmonson (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)
M.Takahashi (Kyoto University, Japan )
L.Titarchuk (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA)
A.Tomimatsu (Kyoto University, Japan)
A.Treves (Como University, Italy)
J.Wilson (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)
S.-S. Xue (ICRA, Italy)
F.J. Zerilli (NAVAL SURF. WARF. CENTER, Washington, USA)


The number of participants will be limited to 100. The program, registration information, and list of participants will be updated as more planning information becomes available. [So far only this announcement is present.] 

Like the first two workshops held on the Lense-Thirring Effect and on the Chaotic Universe, this third workshop is being held in order to focus attention on some fundamental problems to be further addressed in the forthcoming Ninth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity (MG9) to be held in Rome July 2-9, 2000.  


Local Organizing Committee:
V.Belinski, G.Bertone, D.Bini, C.Cherubini, C.Germani, A.Mastroianni, G.Miniutti, G.Montani, D.Oriti, R.Ruffini(chairman)