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Solar Physics Laboratory

"Alessandro Cacciani"

managed by Prof. Costantino Sigismondi (CV, img, publications)

ICRA/Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Physics
Piazzale Aldo Moro 5 00185 Roma Italia

web page with solar photosphere color edited with notepad2

Heliometer with two pinholes (C. Sigismondi, Am J Phys 2002)



Conference on the origin of the Universe 28 Feb 2017

SCHOLA SCIENTIARVM, Gerbertian meeting, Santa Maria Odigitria, Rome 11 May 2017 Program, tbd

ARDENTIBVS STELLIS: Gerbert and Astronomy, 9 May 2016 program Mercury Transit 2016 video Solar Eclipse 2015 in the Michelangelo Cloister video

CLAVIUS FOURTH CENTENNIAL MEETING, Pescara 2012 program Meeting in memory of Alessandro Cacciani, Roma 2008 program

International collaborations with IRSOL (CH), Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur - Fizeau Dept. Nice (FR), Institute de Astrophysique de Paris, University of Como and Observatorio Nacional in Rio de Janeiro (BR)

Composite image with Rio de Janeiro and Rome solar instruments

Students & Alumni

(2017) Solar diameter from Mercury transit videos. Francesco Castiglioni and Domenico Cicogna report (2016) Solar diameter with visual observations of the transit of Mercury. Felipe Cardoso report (2015) Solar diameter in 2015 solar eclipse and transits of Venus; Pinheliometer: Massimo Carinci, Carlos Brandt and Alessio Mimmo. (2014) Gabriele Ucci, Vanessa Zema, Francesco Scardino and Federico Vincentelli: Differential photometry of Delta Scorpii with SOHO; Nova Centauri 2013 with Perth all-sky camera. (2012) Differential photometry of Betelgeuse and Delta Scorpii; Solar diameter and the transit of Venus: Paola Di Mauro, Vera di Cianni, Carolina Parroni, Luca Sabatini (2011) Almucantarat transits with the solar astrolabe and hourly transits with the drift-scan method: Giulia de Rosi, Dario Cortese, Raffaele Pontrandolfi (2010) Solar diameter with solar eclipses: Emanuela Gizzi, Luigi Squillante, Riccardo Moriconi report, (2009) Comparison of solar diameter obtained with Baily's beads in different observational campaigns: Eleonora di Valentino, Maria Concetta Tringali, Daniele Caprioli, Andrea Raponi (thesis), Fabrizio Oliva, Samuele Matteucci (2008) Ptolemy vs Copernicus with meridian lines: Licia Mangione thesis (2007) Micol Benetti, Luca Naticchioni (report), Irene Di Palma, Alessandra Mastrobuono Battisti, Paolo Fermani, Marco Innocenti (2006) Pinhole Solar Monitor in Santa Maria degli Angeli: Silvia Pietroni report, Chiara Melchiorre, Project of the eclipse observation in Egypt: Laura Giannuzzo poster  (2005) Solar diameter with Baily's beads and Valoria la Buena observational mission: Manuela Ferrante, Pietro Oliva poster (2004) Asteroseismology with photometer: Runa Antonio Briguglio, Laura Elena Nalbant, Marco Iacobelli report Atmospheric Sodium observed from International Space Station: Roberto Guida (Success Student Context) link.
Solar Eclipse of March 29, 2006 at shadow limit's in Egypt: phases of totality, and on Santa Maria degli Angeli meridian line (1702).
IISS Volta's students measuring the shadow of the obelisk of Psammetichus II (585 B.C.) in Rome, Montecitorio square. These didactical opportunities are possible only in the Eternal City.
Solar Spot in Calcium K-alfa line, NOAA10960 4 June 2007 h 13.45 observed with IISS Volta Telescope (image and temperature analysis)
Annular eclipse in French Guyana (2006) and Studies on shock wave propagation at 60fps(2015) video txt

Clavius Project (Sapienza/ICRA, IRSOL, IAP - Paris, ON - Rio de Janeiro, Insubria - Como, FRAEN corp. & IOTA ) - Selected Publications

Useful software

ephemvga (zip 200 Kb) soft-Astrolabio (zip 3 Mb) soft-Astrolabio-exe with data (zip 34 Mb)

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