R. Ruffini and L. Z. Fang, Series Editors

Address to the Participants Pope John Paul II

Summary of the Meeting

C. W. F. Everitt and M. Demianksi

Bill Fairbank: a Scientist and a Friend L. Z. Fang

1. Tests of Underlying Principles in Gravitational Physics and Their Theoretical Rationale

Comments on Long Range Parity Violating Forces
G. W. Gibbons

Limits on G-Variability From Spin-Down of Radio-Pulsars
L Goldman

Nucleosyntliesis Constraints on an Extended Jordan-Brans-Dicke Theory
C. Gundlach and T. Damour

Do Cosmic Strings Violate the Equivalence Principle?
D. Kalligas

Mass in the Standard Model
G. Preparata

Satellite Test of the Equivalence Principle
P. W. Worden, Jr.


2. Frameworks for Testing Gravitational Theories, Present Status of Theory Testing and Future Prospects

A New Approach to the General Relativistic N-Body Problem
T. Damour, Al. Soffel, and C. Al. Wu

Estimation of Post-Newtonian Parameters from LLR Data
J. Muller, Al. Schneider, Al. Soffel, and H. Ruder

Precision Optical Interferometry in Space
R. D. Reasenberg

Testing the Einstein Equivalence Principle with the Stanford Gyro Experiment
M. P. Reisenberger

General Relativity at 75: How Right Was Einstein?
C. M. Will


3. Rotational Effects in General Relativity, Frame-Dragging and the Geodetic Effect

Relativistic Deformation Effects of a Born Rigid Continuum
G. Ferrarese, L. Stazi, C. Cattani, and D. Bini

Gravitoelectromagnetism and the Single Gyro
P. Carini and R. T. Jantzen

The Gyromagnetic Electron Gyroscope and the Superfluid 4He
Analog of the r.f.S QUID: Towards High Resolution Rotation Measurements
M. Cerdonio, P. Falferi, and G. A. Prodi

The Physics of the LAGEOS-III Gravitomagnetic Experiment:

A Summary and an Introduction to the Main Scientific Results of an Italian Study
I. Ciufolini

Space Dynamics at the 10-12 M/S2 Level
P. Farinella

Detailed Simulation of the Lageos-3 Measurement of the Lense-Thirring Precession
Al. Al. Waikins, B. D. Tapley, R. J. Eanes, and J. C. Ries

The LAGEOS Along-Track Acceleration: A Review
D. P. Rubincam


Results from the First Integrated System Tests of the Gravity Probe B Experiment
M. A. Taber et aL

On the Measurement of the Gravitomagnetic Field of the Earth by Gravity Gradiometers
D. S. Theiss

Millisecond Pulsars in Globular Clusters
M. Tavani


4. Experiments and Theory of Gravitational Radiation

Michelson Geostationary Gravitational Wave Observatory
A. J. Anderson

Searching Gravitational Waves In Roma and Stanford
Al. Bassan

Gravitational Radiation from the Collapse of Rotating Stellar Cores
G. Schafer, R. Monchmeyer, and E. Muller

Low-Frequency Sources of Gravitational Waves
B. F. Schntz


5. Advanced Technologies: Clocks, Drag-Free and Cryogenics in Space

The Merits of Space and Cryogenic Operation in the Gravity Probe B Relativity Gyroscope Mission
C. W. F. Everitt et al.

Measurements of Gravity Gradients in a fleely Falling Platform at Balloon Altitudes
F. Fuligni

New Laser Gyros for Tests of Metric Gravitation Theories
H. Heiimann, W. P. Schleich, and Al. 0. Scully

Trapped Ion Clocks
L. Alaleki

Al.'Noise Attenuators for Gravity Experiments in Space
A. M. Nobili, C. Catastini, and A. Di Virgiho

Superconducting Gravity Gradiometer Mission
H. J. Paik and S. H. Morgan

Improvements to Geodesy from Gradiometers and Drag-Free Satellites
E. C. Pavlis

Gravity Probe B Superfluid Helium Dewar and Probe
R. Parmley and C. Reynolds

Past and Future Tests of Relativistic Gravitation with Atomic Clocks
R. F. C. Vessot


6. Classical Gravity

Global Topology of the Universe
L. Z. Fang

Three Ways How Quantum Physics May Modify General Relativity in Certain Limits
L. Halpern

Toward a Gauge Field Theory of Gravity
H. Yilmaz


7. Considerations in Spacecraft Design, Program Management and the Use of the Columbus Space Station

The Arisoteles Mission
S. Hieber

Post Newtonian Limit of Finsler Space Theories of Gravity and Solar System Tests
L W. Roxburgh

The Columbus Program and Gravity Science
A. D. A. M. Spallicci

Tethered Systems and Einstenian Frequency Shifts
R. Staho and A. Shvartsburg

Approaches to Spacecraft Design for Relativity Experiments
J. A. Walker