Cosmology Gravitation and Multidimensions

Cosmolgy Gravitation and

This group lives within the Relativistic Astrophysics Center at the Physics Department of
University of Rome “Sapienza” (Prof. Remo Ruffini - II Chair in Theoretical Physics). It deals with three main research lines, each of them aimed to specific topics, according to the following scheme:

Chaotic Universes, Dissipative cosmologies

Quantum cosmology, The problem of time

Particle and Field dynamics in Kaluza-Klein theories, Geometrization of the gauge connection: the electroweak model

The group is directed by Dr. Giovanni Montani and it is composed of about ten members, undergraduate students, PhD students and post-docs. The main goal of this investigation paradigm is to find, through different aspects of the gravitational field, markers for a unification picture of the fundamental interactions. In this respect, the Cosmological framework is the natural arena of this expected scenario.

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