MG9 Proceedings

Proceedings of the Ninth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity,
edited by V.G. Gurzadyan,  R.T. Jantzen and R. Ruffini,
World Scientific, Singapore, 2002

December 2002 finalized table of contents with page numbers of author contributions: pdf
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World Scientific site page for the published MG9 Proceedings.

Three volumes: Parts A, B, C. Part A collects the plenary talks and the review talks from the parallel sessions. Parts B and C contain the remaining parallel session talks. More details are in the publisher summary. [See also the front matter pdf or latex source.]

All contributions may be viewed in PDF or PS format at the "published proceedings" link at:

Contributions may be searched by author name, title, keywords, or the parallel session abbreviation (see the parallel program for these abbreviations) or by the plenary session abbreviation PLS which produces the list of all plenary sessions. To access the PDF or PS files one clicks on the "open folder" icon in the leftmost column of the desired listing from the search results and selects either one or the other. [Shift clicking allows saving of the file locally to view full screen without the browser banner and webpage frame reducing the available window.]


Final editing is now in progress.

On Monday October 23, 2000, usernames and passwords (and brief instructions) were emailed to all  participants by the upload robot to give them access to the upload area:   The original submission deadline was December 15, 2000, then extended to January 15, 2001. Last submission deadline: February 28, 2001. [March news]

A single file or zipped collection of files as described below will be uploaded for your short and optional (or chairperson designated) long proceedings contribution or your plenary contribution (separate upload files for each). Upload instructions are given below.

If your email has changed since the conference or you do not have an email or you did not receive the email sent to you, you must contact
Robert Jantzen:

The proceedings will be jointly published in paper form by World Scientific in Singapore [proceedings editors: Vahe G. Gurzadyan, Robert Jantzen and Remo Ruffini, with online assistance from Stefano Cazzella,  Christian Cherubini, and Vittorio Vannini] and in electronic form by ICRA at its website . The on-line proceedings will contain the PDF and PS version of each contribution for direct viewing with the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) and GhostView (PS). [Note that Adobe Distiller converts PS into PDF files.]

The plenary lectures will be made available on-line in video format with accompanying audio at the ICRA website, when time permits. The paper version of each plenary lecture can be up to 20 pages and will appear in both paper and electronic format (only a "short version" needs to be uploaded, unless a longer electronic version is negotiated with the proceedings editors). If a plenary author needs more pages, the electronic version can be correspondingly extended.

The chairperson of a parallel session may author or coauthor an article (or designate a rapporteur in his or her place) of up to10 paper pages, with the possibility of an extended electronic version. Parallel session participants may have up to 2 paper pages (this "short version" is an extended abstract containing the main idea and complete references) and up to 10 pages in electronic format (the "long version"). More extended versions can be negotiated with the chairperson and the proceedings editors. [Paper pages refer to the book formatted proceedings.] If a chairperson did not speak in the same parallel session and would like to contribute a chairperson article, a request must be made to add an upload slot for this by email to Robert Jantzen.

Articles must be prepared in LaTeX with the World Scientific LaTeX proceedings macros for 9.75x6.5in page size. They are available for download at
or directly [latex2e]:
readme.txt  ws-p9-75x6-50.cls 
ws-p9-75x6-50.tex  ws-p9-75x6-50.pdf
Graphics files inserted in the LaTeX article file must be Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) files or the upload software will not be able to create the final output. If you cannot convert your graphics format to EPS, you must contact the Editors to see how this can be dealt with.

Under extreme circumstances, the corresponding MS-Word style available in the same location above may be used for contributions, but the document must be uploaded by hand after being emailed to Robert Jantzen after first requesting permission to go this path.

The deadline for proceedings submission is February 28, 2001.

Each contributor should directly submit both:

(a) for the short and optional long versions, a single .tex file or a .zip file of the .tex file [see end of page instruction] and accompanying .eps figure files and any additional macro files you use (although author abbreviation and exception macros should be in the preamble of the document file, and graphics are to be included as explained in the World Scientific instruction file), with filename   "<your_last_name>.zip" [filename modifications are okay but not file extension modifications, and only one file with extension .tex can be present in the zipped archive file], with the first commented lines of the .tex file specifying your full name and if it is a plenary talk contribution or a parallel session contribution, in which case the parallel session abbreviation code and session title (in case of typos in the P.S. Code) should be given, and
(b) for the short version only (or authorized long version), a paper copy, with a separate cover page giving the same plenary/parallel session information as in the electronic version, including your full name. [In other words only the version intended for the book formatted proceedings needs a physical paper copy sent, for comparison purposes in the editing process.]

The files should be submitted by web upload at this site and paper copies to:

MG9 Proceedings
Gruppo G9, Dipartimento di Fisica
Universita di Roma La Sapienza
Piazzale Aldo Moro 5
Roma, 00185, ITALY

Submission of  a manuscript does not mean that it will automatically be included in the proceedings. After the final deadline, chairpersons will review the papers submitted to their session; certain papers may be sent to referees at the discretion of the editors and/or chairpersons.When your file is successfully typeset and compared with your printed version, a confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address used to submit it. Otherwise a request for a corrected electronic version of your paper will be made to that e-mail address.

Zipped file details

Winzip or pkzip or gzip utilities which produce a .zip file are the intended packaging method for more than a single latex .tex file, i.e., a latex file plus postscript figures. If more than one file is present with the extension .tex, the robot will be confused about which one is the main latex file, which would have to be named "main.tex" to avoid confusion with the other .tex file, whatever it is.
[Unix world: the upload software can actually accept uuencoding (with extension uue instead of uu), but doesn't support nested archive (tar + uue, tar + gzip, ecc.). So just use either a  tar (uncompressed) format (file.tar) or a unix porting of a zip archiver but not both.]

Upload Instructions (included in email with access codes)

You can upload your proceeding contribution at the page
using the following personal login information in the email sent to you by the proceedings upload robot:

Username: <your username string found here>
Password: <your password string found here>

Once you enter the site, go to the "upload article" link at the top center of the webpage to upload your article. Once there you will see a list of your contributions, if more than one, identified by session.
Click on the upload icon to the left of each item to insert the required information for each contribution and upload the file for it, created following the instructions on the proceedings web page:

It will then be latexed and converted into pdf form for you to check that it has compiled correctly. You will receive an email with the latex log file when complete (usually only minutes). You may then return to the same upload page, reload it, and see links to the pdf and ps files.
You may check them with the free Abobe Acrobat Reader or Ghostview software as described above.

You may continue uploading corrected files until the submission deadline. Once the submission deadline has passed and your article is reviewed by the editors and accepted, it will then be viewable from the link "published proceedings" to the webpage for the search engine for the on-line proceedings.

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