Black Holes, Gravitational Waves and Cosmology

a meeting in celebration of the 70th birthday of Remo Ruffini

on the 40th anniversary of the book of this title

by Martin Rees, Remo Ruffini and John Archibald Wheeler

May 16 - 19, 2012  Rome/Pescara, Italy


These three topics characterize the three main areas in which Remo has worked with a long list of collaborators both before and since that book was published. The meeting will review these areas and work done in them over the past three decades.

Many of us began our research as students working with Remo, who has had an important influence on the direction of our careers. We members of the organizing committee especially look forward to this occasion to meet again with the many friends our association with Remo has lead to over the years.

More details will follow but it would be most useful if you could reply to this email with some indication if it will be possible for you to participate in this event.

We send you our best wishes,

Volodia Belinski, Carlo Luciano Bianco, Pascal Chardonnet, Thibault Damour, Nathalie Deruelle, Jaan Einasto, Robert T. Jantzen, Mario Novello, Jorge Rueda, SheSheng Xue, Gregory Vereshchagin.

Collaborators and associates of Remo on the preliminary invitation list:

Aharonian, Felix
Amati, Lorenzo
Arguelles, Carlos
Arkhangelskaja, Irene
Arnett, David
Baranov, Andrey
Bavarsad, Ehsan
Begue, Damien
Belvedere, Riccardo
Benedetti, Alberto
Benetti, Micol
Bernardini, Maria Grazia
Bittencourt, Eduardo
Boshkayev, Kuantay
Bravetti, Alessandro
Caceres Uribe, Diego Leonardo
Caito, Letizia
Ceccobello, Chiara
Chakrabarti, Sandip Kumar
Chardonnet, Pascal
Chechetkin, Valery
Cherubini, Christian
Coppi, Bruno
Damour, Thibault
de Oliveira Fraga Machado, Bernardo
Della Valle, Massimo
Dereli, Husne
Dutta, Parikshit
Ejlli, Damian
Fimin, Nicolaj
Fleig, Philipp
Frontera, Filippo
Gadri, Mohamed
Geralico, Andrea
Goulart, Erico
Gregoris, Daniele
Gruber, Christine
Han, Wen-Biao
Haney, Maria
Hoang, Ngoc Long
Hutsi, Gert
Iyyani, Shabnam Syamsunder
Jantzen, Robert
Kerr, Roy
Kleinert, Hagen
Everitt, Francis
Lattanzi, Massimiliano
Liccardo, Vincenzo
Lombardi, Caterina Antonietta
Luongo, Orlando
Madey, John
Martins De Carvalho, Sheyse
Menegoni, Eloisa
Misner, Charles
Mohammadi, Rohollah
Mosquera Cuesta, Herman
Motie, Iman
Muccino, Marco
Nicolai, Hermann
Pandolfi, Stefania
Patricelli, Barbara
Penacchioni, Ana Virginia
Pereira, Jonas
Pian, Elena
Pisani, Giovanni
Popov, Vladimir
Punsly, Brian
Quevedo, Hernando
Rafelski, Johann
Rakshit, Suvendu
Raponi, Andrea
Rau, Gioia
Rosati, Piero
Rosquist, Kjell
Rotondo, Michael
Sahakyan, Narek
Sversut Arsioli, Bruno
Taj, Safja
Titarchuck, Lev
Torres, Sergio
Valsan, Vineeth
Wang, Yu
Wu, Yuanbin
Zalaletdinov, Roustam